Finally found my niche!

Raised in an entrepreneurial household I was taught at a young age that working hard, smart and honestly is the best way to build a profitable business. My past jobs have included logging, falling, logging manager, municipal worker, IT Networking and building supplies sales.
Why i do this? I love seeing the giant smiles on faces of the families as I open the door to their new homes I helped them acquire.
Experienced, knowledgable and Patient
Top producer without the high paced sales agenda... "yes I'll take the time you need or don't need to explain the sometimes difficult integrities of buying one of the largest purchases in your life.“

My Goal

My goal is to continue assisting my friends (new and old) in bringing dreams to reality in this blissful employment we call Real Estate.
I'm looking forward to building new friendships and business partners along the way. Call me 778-549-3456, Like a friend I'm happy to answer any real estate enquiries you may have.